Now Accepting Orders for Pennsic XLVII

Looking forward to Pennsic? Of course you are!
Looking forward to the mundane white cord given at troll? Of course you aren’t!

photo 4 cropped
Look no further! Your salvation has come! Dancing Thread Designs is the one stop shop for all your personalized medallion needs. With prices ranging from $8-$20 for a medallion cord, Dancing Thread Designs fits everyone’s budget.
Browsing the Braids: Look over the braids we offer in the Braids section. Choose your braid with the color and patterning of your desire. Or let us decide! Send us an image of your device, pendent, or garb for inspiration and we’ll create for you a designer cord to coordinate.
Easy ordering: Simply fill out the form in the ordering section for in person or digital payments.

Order before July 13th for pickup during Pennsic War XLVII.

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